New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

At this moment, I have a new ritual/habit. Every morning I write a half hour in my journal. In a way, it feels like a meditation moment. I'm used to that now; it helps to clear my mind. The next thing to work on, don't write about what I did yesterday or plan to do … Continue reading New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

Read 2017

I read in two languages, mostly Dutch. I will put down the original title. D = Read in Dutch E = Read in English De woede van Abraham - Conny Braam (D) The Ages of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker (D) Revival - Stephen King (D) The World According to Garp - John Irving (D) … Continue reading Read 2017

Watching documentary about wildlife

Last weekend I was watching on Netflix 'Growing up Wild'. I love documentaries about wildlife. I have a box of BBC Earth/WWF and I enjoyed watching it. It is as wildlife is soft, sweet, hard, cruel, divers, loner, family and goes on. When one animal kill another I have different response. It depends on what … Continue reading Watching documentary about wildlife

Finally cleared up the shed

Last week I decided to work without planning. I did write down a week planning, but no daily and menu planning. Last night I started to feel a bit restless. I wasn't sure I manage to do some things I planned this week. I feel I haven't accomplished everything I had on the list. I … Continue reading Finally cleared up the shed

It has been a good week

Last Wednesday I went to see my psychologist for the last time. A month ago, I said maybe one or two more appointments then I am will be done. Last Wednesday we were like, yes we are done. I have finished the book Negative Self image. I wasn't be able to all assignment because I … Continue reading It has been a good week