Some changes on a way

In a few days, I am going on holiday. I am so looking forward to it. After my holiday, I am going to change a bit here on my blog. It will be a combined blog, Dutch and English. My goal will be two Dutch and two English posts a week. My other blog will … Continue reading Some changes on a way


Volunteer work

This morning I was doing volunteer work.  I love it and love the fact that I can help people. Between the moments that people approaching me for help, I can relax and drink a cup of tea. Then I look through my door to the people that are waiting to be helped by a group … Continue reading Volunteer work

About this and that

I have tried to post regular again but unfortunately, it was busier than I thought. Like this week, I have practically an appointment every day, a couple of days even two appointments on one day. Usually I feel very overwhelmed by it. But this time I feel less overwhelmed. I do notice that this week … Continue reading About this and that