Just me…

Why this blog, there are thousands of blogs about everything. For sure, there are hundreds of blogs about depression and other stuff. So why do I want to create another one. Why in English for I am a Dutch. I have notices that I find it sometimes easier to write in English.

Also I wasn’t sure, do I have something to say, to write about. Who would be interesting in my life? But my dear friend convinced me that I had to do something with it, especially that I talked about thinking having a blog just specifically about my health and depression. 6d3da223d31673fcd2a4fb738cd5883dSo now and then, I do listen to her and get in action.

Well, here it is… my blog about me. Of course, it won’t be only about my struggles and all that, but also about positive things. Hoping that give you some support as I hope that you give me some support. Like it said, blahs and hurrahs.

I will add later a page about me, but now in short about my health.

Not until early 2014 I found out that I had in 2004 a heavy depression. I just thought it was all because of the fact that my world has fallen apart after I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia in December 2003 because I had just lost my job at that moment. I really felt for a long time, now what!? So I didn’t thought that I was in depression.

Since 2009 a lot happened physically. Beside fibromyalgia, I was having troubles with other physical things. In 2010 I had two surgeries (hip and knee) and in 2012 again (wrist). In 2013 I had a hernia and turned out that my four lower disc in my back was worn out. Eventually I had a treatment so I wouldn’t be in much pain anymore. Later that year I lost my job, not only me. They fired five people. I felt I was getting depress again. A specialist told me that I have to seek out for help. Because a lot happened in four years.

Back then in 2004 I didn’t knew I was in depression and got out without help. Well not true, my parents were amazing and supported me in everything. They were always there for me and still.

But now… I realising more and more that depression is just a part of me. There are moments, like the last few months, that there are some dark clouds inside my head. I just can’t reach it, I don’t want to reach out to it. Is just some kind of a shadow. And that is why I was thinking about having a blog. Just to talk/write.


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