Bullet journal

On Instagram I encountered an account about bullet journal and thought that looks nice and useful. I have been looking for so long for some kind of useful planner.

After reading about it, I decided I want to try it. I had been looking for a system that works for me. Because of my sleeping problem, I have problem with memorising. I keep forgetting birthdays and other small stuff. It might not be important stuff but I is apparently important to me. Because I can, get upset about it, or I feel I can’t take more information in my brain. I feel like I keep forgetting a lot. It get way to crowded in my head, that can really upset me.

After first attempted of keeping track with bullet journal I was a bit overwhelmed by it. I wanted, as usual, too much and wanted to keep track about everything. Before I knew it, I had too many different notebooks for different subjects. I figured out very soon that this way wasn’t going to work for me. I got a bit crazy. I know it is hard to tell when I am crazy as usual and when not. 20160620_113430.jpg

Over the course of few months I finally found a system that works for me. It is all in one except books. I have a separate notebook all about books. Now I have planner, journal, mutations, ideas, and other few things all in one. It works perfectly well for me. Is is somehow giving me some peace in my head. All I have to do is look at the planner and most of the time I can check off everything of that day. It is very rare I can’t check off everything of that day. It also helps me to have an overall view of the week. If I can’t do it somehow that day, then I reschedule it and don’t feel bad about it. Before bullet journal I just wrote down on a piece of paper or made a mental note to do it on specific day. And if I failed to do it, I felt like I failed big time. Now I feel that less and less. I also try to write down every day what went well. Honestly I don’t keep very good track of that part. I should but somehow…

I guess I have to write that down too on my planner to do it so.

The system I use for the bullet journal is the same system I use for my notebook about books. And I am happy with the way this system is working for me.



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