Frida Kahlo

I have heard of Frida Kahlo when I was younger. But I became more aware of her few years ago when I read a column about it. It was written by professor Rinie Geenen. He writes columns for the magazine for the Dutch patient organisation of fibromyalgia.
I know him because I used to work with him when I was an active member of Dutch patient organisation of fibromyalgia. Couple of years later I became a member of the research team of Rinie Geenen, professor of University Utrecht. He is the head of the psychorheumatology research team. I was the first that took part from patient columna-rota-600x807-1perspective.

There was a researcher that said that Frida Kahlo might had fibromyalgia. He bases his opinion on the paintings of Frida Kahlo. Of course, we will never know for sure.
Frida Kahlo had an accident that changes her forever. I just wonder, did she had more pain because of the accident or was the accident that had caused much pain. Physically she did recover from it and yet she still had so much pain and was tired all the time. She stayed mostly at home and lay very often in her bed. But she also had her good moments, then took hours to get dress up, put make up on, doing her hair and went out.

After reading that I became very curious, who was Frida Kahlo? Did she had fibromyalgia? I decided to read few books of her. I for sure became to love her work. There is so much expression and she shows her vulnerability. And when I looked at some of her paintings, it felt like, she expressed my feelings, my pain, my thoughts. She was a strong woman, who wasn’t afraid to show the world reality. Writing this makes me think of a very good friend of mine. I admire Frida because of who she was and her strength. I admire my friend for the same reasons.



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