No phone calls

I have never liked to make phone calls. The main reason is because of my hearing problems. Second, I just don’t like it!

Luckily of all the options that we have now are my parents and my best friend the only people that calls me. All the others use these days media. I do however sometimes call a good friend of mine, because it is easier her for her to talk on the phone then to text and she can’t afford making long phone calls.  The rest of my close friends are just like me, preferring texting then calling. That might be one of the reasons why I like them.

It just costs sometimes too much energy to listen and I can’t read lips. My hearing is getting worst over the years, well yes because I getting older, duh! That is why I try as
d97dd478e4d642dad32ac5a4b5f35c20much as I can to communicate by email and text messages.

The other reason is, I just don’t like being called by strangers and they ask stupid questions! Very often I simply say, sorry I can’t hear you, I have hearing problem, bye! Problem solved!!! I do get nervous sometimes when I have to make a phone call. What if I get a person on the phone I don’t hear very well. What if that person ask me questions and I have no answers. What if the person is getting rude. What if… What if… What if…

I try to prepare as much as I can and don’t waste my time on polite chitchat. Before I make the call, I write down what I want to ask, to know… Then I gather around the stuff I might need, just in case they might ask for it. Sometimes they just ask for things I haven’t gather around, then I think why are you being so difficult!!! Then I make the call and make myself very clear what I want to know. If I have prepared it very well then I have no problem making myself very clear to them. And I can argue about it, because I know I have a point. Only if I am 100 % sure I am right, of course!

I am very happy with all the options that we have these days to communicate. Made my live a lot easier!


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