I love books!

I love love love to read and having books! I read as long as I can remember. My parents had loads of books. That is why my sister and I love to read too.

I can’t get enough of reading or books. Yet I have managed to say goodbye to over 100 books this year! I needed to clear out and make space for new books. Yes, of course I can buy a new bookcase, but… I have no space for it. Well, honestly, that is a small lie. I do have here and there a space. But I just don’t want to clutter my apartment. And I just know that I won’t reread all those books that I let go.

The books I say goodbye too was good for once. Some books apparently haven’t made a lot 70e443e80f41b735f1e8de844cb0cbd7impression on me because I can’t remember what was about. Then, sorry, you gotta go! You (I mean by this a book) got to impress me and if you really did a excellent job, I even might reread you. Then you can count on my never-ending love for you. Okay, that is maybe a bit too much, but still, those books can stay.

I don’t read e-books. My eyes get tired, but a friend of mine told me I have to put it on the night view or something then it will read easier. I will try if I ever start with an e-book. And I will because a friend downloaded I don’t know how many Star Trek books on my tablet. So yeah… I will read eventually some e-books. But I like the feeling of a book in my hand, turning pages. And I don’t have to be afraid that battery will die!!

At this moment I read a lot of books from the library because of a challenge I take part of. I almost finish with the challenge and then I will start reading all the books I have not read yet. Honestly, I am ashamed that I have so much unread books at home. I even dare to say sometimes, I have nothing to read! REALLY!!! Seriously!?! But then I know it is just because I just don’t know in what kind of mood I am and so I just don’t know what I want to read.

Reading in the train or any other public transport of places gives me a perfect excuse not to socialise. Unless of course someone wants to talk about the book, then I might drop my anti-social shield.

I just love to read books.


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