On friendship

When I talk with my friends, close friends or not, we talk about everything. Sometimes I feel like, that there is something that person wants to talk about but don’t know how to start or just don’t want to bother me with their problem, because they compared their problem with my problem and think it is not a big problem.

One thing I have learned, no problem is the same. Maybe it might not be a big problem to me, but it is for you. Never ever, compare your problems with other people’s problems. Never say to me, I shouldn’t bother you with it. Never say to me, yeah but you have more serious problem then. No, it is not! Never compare yourself with anyone else.Funny-Minions-Friendship-Quotes-5

I know some friends that say to me, yeah but it is not so bad as what you have been gone through or what you have still go through. Well, excuse me, it is apparently a problem for you! It bothers you, it is your problem, so talk, I am there. That is who I am. That is what friendship is about, be there for each other, in good and bad times!

I always say, I be there for you. I do tell my friends, text me, email me or whatever if you want to talk or need help. I will be there! But the other way around… Yeah… I don’t like to bother my friends. I am always afraid that I keep repeating myself about the same issues. I just don’t want to become one of those people that has only one thing to talk about. Because that is also a reasons for them to say, yeah, again, well I have no time now.
I am learning to open up about some things I usually kept to myself or afraid to chase my friends away because they don’t know how to deal with it. But through the years I know who I can tell what. And that I don’t always have to do it on my own. I am single so I need to learn to talk about some things with my friends. I never used to talk about my depression or anything before. I kept it all to myself, but I have notice it is nice to talk about it. As long as I don’t repeat myself, luckily I don’t (I hope). It is nice because it gives me the feeling that I don’t have to do it alone. I have amazing parents and can always talk with them, but they are not getting any younger.

And my friends know that they can always count on me, I be there if they need it. I am grateful that I have amazing friends in my live and that I can bother them whenever I want. And if I have a bad night, there is always my dear friend from the USA that is awake, thanks to the different time zones.



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