I am back

I am back. I had a lovely time. I love be away from everything and have no internet. Even though my gloomy feeling was like a blanket over me, my head was finally cleared. First couple of days it was still restless but after that I felt relax and did read a lot and walked a lot.

We had for 12 days beautiful weather and 2 days soso weather. Almost every day I was out in the sun. I walked three 14232570_10210459561873587_6475321076447936981_ntimes to the chapel up on the hill. Even though is only 73 metre higher it was very steep to walk. It is not like, you walk up there, but kind of have to climb. The first time I was there in 14 minutes, second time 26 minutes (my parents joined me)
and third time 12 minutes. And when I did the third time, I walked back with a detour. So I walked for 45 minutes. It is beautiful to walk around and so many paths to walk around.

I read 7 books. I love when I can sit the whole day and read without any feeling of guilt. At home I have other stuff to do and feel guilty if I just sit and read the whole day. If it was my job, I would feel less guilty but it is not, unfortunately. I read mixture of Dutch and English books.14237617_10210459552393350_2726133101966216408_n

On the days that the weather was not that great to sit outside I draw a bit. And the whole two weeks played games with my mom and once with my mom and dad. My dad don’t really like playing games.

TV wasn’t working, or well the satellite wasn’t. We brought our DVDs with us but we didn’t watch every evening a DVD. We just read or do sudoku/crossword or play games. That is what I love about being there. Being disconnected in a way from everything for a while is good, very relaxing.

Almost forgot… also celebrated my birthday there.

But I am back and welcome to the reality.


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