Fibromyalgia and remission

I read an interesting article on a blog about fibromyalgia.
She wondered or she does have fibromyalgia, didn’t she made it up? Why doesn’t she have that much pain anymore? Possible a remission?

An interesting idea that fibromyalgia have a remission. If so, why haven’t I read about it. Because like her I had a period of time that I wondered, do I have fibromyalgia? Wasn’t something else? Did I made it up? But I never thought I was cured.
Because when it is very humid I have a bit more pain. Or in the winter, when I don’t wear gloves outside. Within seconds I have pain and can’t hold things very well. Slowly it will be less painful or it will go away.
Also those infection around my joints can be cause by fibromyalgia. Not sure, but lot of people that have fibromyalgia has very often infection around the joints and yet is not rheumatoid arthritis. Because blood tests tell you, there is nothing wrong.5dd95a1dd864800a863408e49e5adfa2

But those in-between time, when I feel no pain, now I wonder are those moments remissions? Or is it just because I finally have found some kind of balance between actions and rests. Listened more to my body. I don’t know what the reasons are that I do have those pain free periods. I am just grateful that I don’t have it the whole year around intense pain anymore and there is nothing can relieved it. Because I know people that fibromyalgia have huge effect on way of their lives. It for sure had huge effect after I was diagnosed. Years of dealing with it, struggling with it. Trying to understand and live with it. But then I think of all the things I did because of fibromyalgia, in a way I am grateful for all the experiences. It enriched my life in many ways. It made me stronger to deal with other intense pain that I had and is not related to fibromyalgia.


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