Being negative

I follow a Dutch blogger Jelle Derckx. I started to follow him on Facebook because I wanted to minimalise stuff in my house. And I could use some tips. The thing is, he doesn’t only focus on minimalism but also you as a person. How do you want to live your life? And all those subjects that are related to it.

He also has an Instagram account where he answers your questions. Someone ask him what he or she can do to deal with negative feelings that create negative thoughts. Sometimes I text him, responding on what he gave as answer. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t or partly.
I agreed partly with his answer. Running away from those negative feelings or thoughts is not helping. The world gives you many options to run away from it. In my case is very often food, but also food is the only thing that could keep me relax on the couch. Because of my restless mind or feeling so tired that I can’t always sit on the couch and just relax with a book or tv. I need to do something, but I have problem with my wrist. So I can’t crocheting or drawing or cross stitching while watching tv. The easiest way is to get a bag of chips and sit on the couch. Then he said, think about what cause that negative feelings/thoughts? Honestly, I thought about it for few months and I have no answer. So maybe thernegative-batterye isn’t always a reason for feeling that way. Well, at least that is what I think.  But to me it is important not to lose yourself in that negativity. I know, it is easier said than done!

Another point he made was that the world keep talking about think positive, stay positive, be positive and go on. It is like that negative feelings or thoughts are bad, not allowed. We all should be positive. Well, sorry but that is not how it works. People who are depressed really have to work hard to stay positive and go for it. Working on being positive can help them to move on and maybe even save their lives with it. But please, let each person also have their moments of being negative. Especially for people that are fighting against depression, it is a hard battle. It takes a lot of energy. Allow them to have moments where they can give in for a moment.

Like I said above and that is what I always say to myself, it is important not to lose yourself in negativity but it is okay to have a day to feel nothing but negative, down, sombre, depress. That is the only way to stay strong, to find energy again to move on. But just don’t lose yourself all into it. Just keep on fighting because you are worth it!


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