Zoo for an introvert

Last Wednesday I went to the zoo with my best friend. We have never been to that zoo before. It takes us hour and half drive to get there. Yes I know that those distant means nothing for some non Dutch people. For the Dutch it means, wow really, that far!

Anyway, we went to the zoo. Because we didn’t know where it was we decided to use Tomtom. Wrong!!! I will never trust Tomtom again, really. It got us to the right street but… where is the zoo? So we decided to type full address. We had to turn around and again… where is the zoo? Seriously, where is that bloody zoo? Don’t tell me it is that small!

14369883_10210516073806350_2897367370897138561_nI decided to use my phone and Google maps. Right… we had to drive four more kilometres! Seriously! And yes we found it, yes! It was very, very quiet at the parkinglot; we are not use to it. We go very often to the zoos that are well known. So it was kind of a shock for us, really that quiet. Alright, it was also very extreme hot. That might be a reason too why it was very quiet.

I really enjoyed it. It was a small zoo but really nice. In some area you could walk around among the animals. I never experiences that. Then I realised, this zoo is so wonderful for introverts. Because I enjoyed it but my friend not as much as I did. He found it a bit too quiet and not a lot of animals. He thought it was a beautiful zoo and it was cool to walk among the animals. But a bit boring. And I was like, O my gosh, I love it! Clearly, he is an extravert and I am an introvert.


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