Here and now

Like I mentioned before, I had a wonderful time in France. I had no internet and there wasn’t much to do except for walking and reading. Just be able to let it all go, just live in the here and now. I woke up in the morning and thinking, today I go out for a walk. I didn’t plan anything. Why can’t I hold on to that feeling when I come home?

Every year I tell myself when I return from France, spend less time on social media, read more, take more time to walk and that kind of stuff. Somehow, eventually it doesn’t happened. It is hard to find time to read again, it is hard not to go on social media. Even though I haven’t miss it in France. Every time when I come home, I plan things so I won’t lose the feeling of living in the present. Yet I failed every time!

The reason I fail is because I don’t always plan carefully and here I have things to do, socartoon7304me things I must do. Sometimes I feel like I am being lived by appointments, things and other stuff instead of living my live. I am pretty sure that lot of you feel that way. Anyway, I will try it again!
I did however came back a bit more relaxed this time because I knew I had my bullet journal waiting for me. It was not like I have to be afraid of forgetting things, because I already wrote it all down. And some appointments had been made before I went on holiday. So I kind of knew how my months September and October were planned. The only thing I just realise I want to plan in is visiting museums. I want to try to visit one every month. Only if my bank account allow it and if I get my courage together.

I just want to get up and think all right let focus on today instead of yesterday or tomorrow. I realise that might not be realistic; at least I can try it for 70% of the day. One thing that will help to let it all go, is drawing. I have to remember myself that drawing is one of the few things that makes me let go of all the things and just enjoying what I am doing. So I for sure have to make time to draw every day, even if it is only for 15 minutes. Like, I want to make time to read more. There are days I only read before I go to sleep and in the morning when I wake up.

Just wonder, what do you do to live more in the present?


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