White book

I might have mentioned white book before. Today I will write more about it.

Last year in January I started a 13 weeks rehabilitation, focus was mainly physically. But we decided to go for the whole package. I just didn’t want to be very upset and sad anymore if my body is failing again. I wanted to deal with it without getting so emotional about it.  Psychologist told me after only 15 minutes talk that I am a perfectionist. I was like, excuse me… no I am not! He made me do a small test and well, I guess he was right. Later I was thinking about it. Possible I became perfectionist on some things because I can’t control my body. And if I can control other things, then why not.

He advised me a book that should help me to be less perfectionist and less insecure. The book also contained assignment that I have to do. There was a chapter about white book. The white book is about writing down every day what happened in the positive way. That was really hard, because in the beginning I thought, I don’t know… I am single and I don’t have a job. So should I write down that I cooked or walked or…perfectionisme

He told me, just read the chapters. I did and I realise it is more than just only write down what happened positive. Write down how you felt about it. How did I felt when I walked? When I was drawing? How did I felt when someone compliments me? How did I felt if I spoke my mind?

And if you work you can use it too, like, you are annoyed by your co-worker and you want to say something about it but dare not. Eventually you found your courage and tell you co-worker about it. Later you can sit down with your white book and write down that you did it. And how did it made you feel? Was you proud of it? Was it that bad?

There are few rules about using white book. No negativity allowed. No sense like ‘I walked for a half hour, it felt good but…’ No ‘but’!!! It is not allowed! You can use your journal to write down your negativity. White book is only for positive things.

I love using it, even though I don’t use it every day. I became more aware of how I felt and feel more proud of whom I am. Especially when I feel depress, it is good to sit down and look at positive things. Then I realise, my day wasn’t that bad. That is what white book is about. I have advised few of my friends to do it too. You can write or use pictures or draw, as long, it is about positive things that made you feel good and that you can be proud of it.

If you find it hard to start, ask someone for help.


7 thoughts on “White book

  1. This is an awesome idea!! I love it! I have been struggling with my weight and having a healthy lifestyle my whole life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative lies that pop into our head. But keeping a book that lets you SEE the positive comments gives you a tangible item that you can refer to when those blahs come back!!!! Thank you for the idea!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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  2. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing. Sometimes, I find it difficult to follow some prompts so I don’t write at all daily. But the white book theme is something to look forward to with all the positive things that you need to enrich your mind with. πŸ™‚

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