I love to hike. I am grateful that after many years of struggling I am be able to hike again. Not for hours, but at least one or two hours. I am not sure I am being able to hike more hours without paying the price the next few days if not couple weeks.

In France I enjoyed to hiking around and be surrounded by nature. I remembered that I got lost last year. I somehow missed a path that should have leaded me home. But I couldn’t find that hidden path so I kept hiking and ended up at a road with a sign where the village was, where I was staying. I decided it was the best just follow that sign. That wdownloaday I know I get home and being a bit naive, thinking it was shorter than hiking the same way back. It was a warm day and I didn’t brought any drink with me. Because I wasn’t expecting to be gone that long!

Luckily, it was going downhill and eventually I started to recognise where I was and realised it was going to take a while before I am home. It took me two hours! I felt kind of pride because I managed to hike for two hours! The next day my muscles were aching but that was normal. Still I was proud of myself, I did it and it felt good! Realising that I had hope for the future to be able to hike again. Will I ever be able to hike whole day? No, I don’t think so. I do know that I can hike at least for two hours.

And this year I hiked almost every other day, and depending on how I felt it was a long or a short one. I enjoyed it every bit of it. I kind of miss that now I am back home. Maybe I should try to find nice places to hike, even if it isn’t in my hometown. Just set a day and do it!


2 thoughts on “Hike

  1. Ahah I remember the pain after long hiking… most important thing is remaining hydrated and than a lot of bananas to recover potassium… I like the post about getting lost while hiking, it’s a part of the experience a few people tell about and instead it happens sometimes! When it happened to me it was a rainy day and I found myself in muddy roads… bad thing… but at least it wasn’t hot… 🙂

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