Silence with no hearing aids

I am fortunate that I don’t hear a thing at nights, nothing but silence. Sometimes people ask me the next day, did you hear that thunder? Well, no! If I was awake and it is really, really loud, then I might hear it. Otherwise, nope!

I remember when I was younger and played hockey. We had a weekend tournament. That means we stay overnight on the field at other club. Always fun, well not always. Looking back and knowing now that I am introvert, I was glad when we left on Sunday. But I did enjoy it to play hockey whole day and especially when we played great on the first day. Tthe next day is for the most team players hard to focus. Party whole night or they tried to sleep but there were others that kept partying. However, I was always fresh the next day because I don’t hear a thing at night, love the silence. I am that fresh that I usually play quite good and all happy and merry while the rest are kind of, gosh… headache and tired. My team players envy my then at those moments. Well, having hearing problems can also comic-relief-hearing-aids-4_largebe positive.

I take off my hearing aids as soon as I am in bed and take them in after I took a shower. The idea that I can hear anything at nights is something I can’t imagine and honestly don’t want to know it. No animal, people, or cars can interrupt my sleep. Just silence!

However during the daytime I feel lost without my hearing aids. I have experiences to wear only one. It is very tiring and I feel of balance. No idea where the traffic comes from or it is harder for me to hear what people are saying. The idea not to have them in during daytime is strange and scaring. Even though there are moments that I think, gosh I might turn my hearing aids off. And yet I don’t do it. Because what if something happens, I don’t hear it and I don’t pay attention because I am totally lost in my book. To me that is a scary thought. The same reason why I didn’t turn of my hearing aids in the plane when I went to the States and back to the Netherlands. Just the idea I don’t hear a thing with all those strangers around me, is scary. I do however turn down the volume a bit. The same reason why I still wear them when it rains. Hearing aids and water aren’t best friend. But I never had problems with it and always kept them in when it rained. And if it does get wet, just get the blow-dryer and the problem is solved, well most of the times.

So having hearing problem can be negative or positive. Sometimes I just have to take advantage of it.


2 thoughts on “Silence with no hearing aids

  1. Sometimes it would be nice to shut the world out. Though its important, as an introvert, to not use it as a crutch. Like “Ah the heck with it. I’m tired of people today, so I’m turning the world off.” You just never know when an important message might need to be heard!

    I think so often many people do that-turn off the world. They feel they won’t be missed. But I’ve learned that you never know who is watching; you never know who you are influencing. So keep your ears on, put a smile on your face, and let the world wonder what keeps you happy!! They don’t need to know its a simple thing like silent sleeping! 😉


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