Using Daily Prompt

I enjoy writing. It has been a long time ago that I enjoyed it. I have a Dutch blog that is connected to Facebook. I decided not to connect this one with Facebook. Because I feel like, I don’t want to share everything with all of my friends and family. It gives me a kind of feeling that I am free to write what I want. Silly, because why shouldn’t my friends know about my struggle and all that. I just don’t feel the need that all of them need to know. Because, I know some of them just don’t understand and thinks I am a complainer.

I wasn’t sure about how often I want to post. So I was texting with a friend of mine, she is a great friend. I look forward to see her in October. Anyway, we were texting and she said, start with three times a week. Then I felt like, I have much more to tell. I change it to every other day. And now I post it every day. It doesn’t mean I write every day.  I just write few in a row. That happens when I got hit by an inspiration spirit and I want to take advantage of it!

I do have moments that I just sit and looking at my screen, and it stay blank. cartoon_inspiration-300x300Hello inspiration spirit, where are you?! But then I discovered Daily Post. That is a lifesaver I think for all those blogger that has been dumped by their inspiration spirit. I guess inspiration spirit doesn’t work around the clock.

I have now used four times a word of Daily Prompt. Honestly, I do have difficulty with some words, because I have no idea what it means or Google translation translated into something unclear. Daily Prompt also come up with a word that has the same spelling in Dutch but it means totally different, like the word they used last week, zing. In Dutch it means sing. But I still haven’t figure it out what it means in Dutch, Google translation isn’t very clear on that one. Because of the time different isn’t always possible for me to write it on the same day, because the new word is announce in my time in the afternoon. I rather write in the morning.

I also have used last week Discover Challenges, every Tuesday there is a new theme/word.

Hello inspiration spirit, glad that you are back!


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