Stepping outside comfort zone

We can only grow if we go outside our comfort zone. I know it is very hard, especially as introvert and shy person. I rather stay home in my comfort world and not having to meet new people. I am happy with my friends that I have now. Yet I know from my own experiences that stepping outside my comfort zone can be very rewarding.

In each level of my life, I have made some new friends and some are maybe friendships for life. Not only stepping outside comfort zone to make new friends, it is also very rewarding on personal level. By stepping outside comfort zone on personal level is another victory on 1471703600120432188668me. I have always worked with people until 2008. I was a florist, so I had to communicate with people every day. There were moments that I was thinking, please no more costumers. Stay away, I want to be alone. Especially in the beginning I found it very hard to walk up to people and ask or I can help them, like, are you being served? Really, really hard! It is not me and what if I don’t understand it correctly. Back then my hearing was a bit better then it is nowadays. I did it anyway.

After being a florist for 5 years, I decide after having a minor burn out that I have to change of career. I went back to school for one day a week and worked for the rest of the week. I became activity supervisor; honestly, there is no proper translation for it in English. My job was I have to think of different kind of activities for elderly. I worked in a home for elderly. I enjoyed but I was close and very shy. After a good talk with my mentor, she was straightforward. If I wasn’t going to change few things then I might not be suitable for this job. I realised she is right. If I wasn’t going to be more me and trust in my abilities then I better leave and work in an office. That was the moment I choose to step outside my comfort zone, and go for it! It is incredible how things have changes after that. But sometimes it was very tiring and I was happy when I was home again, in silence. Now I know why.

It will always be a struggle to overcome my shyness and introversion. I realise now for a year or two that I am an introvert and because of that I realise that a part of my shyness is not being shy but just because I am an introvert. And that is okay.

I do have learned that it is important to step now and then outside my comfort zone because I can grow from it and make new valuable friendships. Still I find it easier to make online new friends then stepping out and make a social talk.

Ps. I bought a new book. Some people have advice me: Quiet. The power of Introverts in a World that Just Can’t Stop Talking.


3 thoughts on “Stepping outside comfort zone

  1. Really nice post! I identify myself in the introverted person I was back in my youth and how much I have to work on myself to generate a change powerful enough to use extroverted skills. Obviously one’s true core will remain the same so I needed to understand how to buy be drained by my new personality. So I totally understand your point of view! Yes we should try to overcome our limits and step out our comfort zone. Of course without losing it that it’s really a nice place to rest from time to time. 🙂 happy to have read you! 🙂

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