I don’t panic quickly anymore. I do remember the times that I panicked quickly and really be upset about it the fact that some situations had such a hold of me.

I remember a few years ago when I had to buy a new fridge. There was an arrangement to pay half now and a year later the rest, interest free. I was glad about it because I didn’t had much money at that time to buy that kind of fridge I wanted. About a week, before the year was up I paid the rest. Few weeks later, I got a note from the company that I have to pay over 100 Euro interest because I paid too late. I had to pay interest for each day that I was too late. I was so upset and panicked because it was a lot of money and I paid on time! I even can prove it. At that moment, I 55120390-cartoon-oktoberfest-woman-panicjust couldn’t calm myself down and I called my dad. He said, take all the papers and come here. I will call for you.

I went and he made the call. My dad put it on speakers phone and I told the lady that he had my permission to speak for me. Not telling that I was panicked, just because of my hearing problems that my dad was calling for me. Sometimes is an easy excuse to use because it is the truth. The woman told us that I had paid too late. My dad told her the date that I had paid. Then she looked it up and she that according to their administration I have paid on time, it was on time on their bank account but the financial department booked it later. Well, my dad made her very clear in polite words that it was their problem that it was booked later, I did paid it on time. They should not bother me with their way of working. The woman said that my dad was right and I will receive a letter, which will confirm that I don’t have to pay anything anymore. Problem solved.

Through the years, I have grown stronger and don’t panic quickly anymore. Just try to calm down and write down what I have to do. And if it is needed I call my dad for advice but I take the actions. I do however realise I can’t count on it that my dad forever help through it if it is needed. That is why I work on it to beat my panic attack, stay focused, write things down and prepare as well as I can and go for it. But like I said, I have grown stronger and don’t let panic control me anymore. Because it is not worth it to panic about, is such a waste of energy. Deal with it and use the energy for other things, better things, pleasant things.


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