Living in the moment

Last Friday I went with my mom to a place where we always go when we want to go to the beach. We were very lucky that the weather was beautiful. For the first time some of the area’s was a bit crowded because there was a lot of Pokémon hunters! People that live there and the very small mall aren’t happy about it. Because all those ‘hunters’ disrespected the environment and the people that live there. They are walking around and destroying protected parts of the dunes. Really sad that they are so focused on catching a Pokémon and not paying attention where they walk and having no respect for the people that live there and nature.

But anyway that is not what I want to write about. I enjoyed being on the beach and smell the fresh sea air. I always have loved the beach and the sea. I feel at home when I walk on the beach or just smell the fresh air from the sea. It was nice and very relaxing.20160923_121016

I suddenly was aware that I was being more in the present, just enjoying this moment with my mom. Talking about everything and at the same time, I was enjoying the sea air, the sun, walking, just being there.

When we decided to sit down at a beach restaurant for lunch my mom got very inpatient quickly. The waiter wasn’t showing up. I was like, just sit and enjoy the moment. We just sit down. Maybe she is working alone. Eventually we decided to walk to a better seat or to other restaurant. We found a better seat, less windy. Then the waitress came and told us she was on her own. So, I was right however didn’t point that out to my mom. We took our time to eat it and enjoy the sun. It was very relaxing.

Then off to home. It was for me the first time that I was aware of the fact that I was being more in the present and enjoying the moment. I wanted to hold on to that feeling, it really felt good. It was a nice, relaxing day.


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