Eat Pray Love

Since I got back from France my head is still not chaotic. My mind is still not running around and goes crazy with all different things.  Before France it was so different, I felt so restless, so chaotic in my head.

Last Friday talked with my American friend for over hour and half. It was really nice to talk with her. There is a great back and forth talks. One moment we talk about her and the next moment about me. I talked her about that my head is still not chaotic after my holiday. Normally it would be chaotic again within a week. But I have been back now for over two weeks and still feel peaceful. I started over a week ago to read ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. Finished it 7 days later. It was such an inspirationtumblr_mq2ved24j31szor52o1_1280al book. I talked with my friend about it and then she said something that I haven’t thought of it. That somehow what
Elizabeth wrote is working through me. Like that moment on the beach, just being in the moment. Aware of where I am at that moment and take it all in. I wasn’t aware of the fact that what I have read is already changing me. I liked that idea.

I postponed it to read it. I even took this book with me to France but haven’t read it. I just thought that it was going to be such over romantic book. I have never seen the movie. I had this book on my reading list because of a reading challenge I taking part. I am almost finished with the reading challenge. Because of the reading challenge, I read books I might never wanted to read, like this book. I thought I better read the book now before I go to see my friend from whom I borrowed and give it back to her. I for sure want this book in my own collection.

I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to buy books this year. But… well is hard to say that to a bookworm! I can tell you I only bought 14 books this year but paid for 5 books. I won a coupon so I ordered 9 books without paying for it myself. I bought in three books the States. I mean, I have to be able to say when I came back from the States, look I bought this over there! Later I found out that one of the books was part two, good excuse to buy a book. Then I went to the bookstore to buy ‘Eat Pray Love’ but they didn’t had it. They did had ‘Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World that Just Can’t Stop Talking’ by Susan Cain. It was for a cheap price, I had to buy it. My dear friend will order the other book because it cheaper. I just must have this book, said my inner bookworm! Sometimes I have to obey the bookworm.

Update: the book has arrived yesterday!


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