Head and heart disagree

Sometimes my head and heart disagree, well, honestly very often. Through the years, I have learned to trust on my heart, my guts. Experiences have taught me that my heart is very often right and I regretted for not listening to it. I am learning however when I have to listen to my head or heart.

There are moments that I really have to listen to my head, because now and then, it makes sense. Sometimes I have to be more like Spock and think logical and not reacting irrational. For example if I have to make a phone call about something that made me emotional, I have to prepare it very well. By writing down on paper what I want to say, or ask and stick to it. Most of the times it works because I have prepared for it. That way I won’t lose track of it.

I have notices that it getting easier to control my emotions on moments like that. First, I just sit down and let it all sink. Then write down on paper why, what, brain-cartoon-heart-heart-and-brain-heart-broke-favim-com-327443and maybe even how. That helps me to calm down, because my head is a slow worker, slowly I become more Spock for a moment. When I am calmed down then I read through with my heart what I wrote and what I want to do about it. When they agreed with each other, is time to get in action. Sometimes I need more than a day to get there, but eventually I get there. Sometimes my head and heart keep on arguing. I have to find and learn what works for me, because I am single. I can’t keep asking my wonderful parents for help.

There are also moments that my heart and head totally not see eye to eye. In that case, I might ask people for advice or go with my experiences and choose. As I said above, I have learned to trust on my heart because it is like for 90% right. I forgive my heart for that 10% wrong. Those were the moments I better had listen to my head. O well, no one is perfect! I am a perfectionist and saying that, wow! Sometimes I can surprise myself!



4 thoughts on “Head and heart disagree

    • The way I feel about it. When I know it is from the heart I feel more calm and relax, from the head I feel calm but less relax. It feels more like, well I have to because it is right thing to do.
      Through the years I have learned to feel the different between head or heart approval. It took very long time to know the different. It is about how you feel about it and experiences.
      It is hard to explain, it is a learning proces.

      Thank you for your question.


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