Looking back on September

I have this blog for about two months and I never thought I would write every day. Well, post every day. I am not always be able to write everyday and use the planner to make sure there is a post every day.

I am still grateful for my dear American friend to convince to do it. Then I doubted, do I have something to say? About what do I write? Will I have enough inspiration to write? Will people want to read what I write? Is it worth it to read? Sometimes I run out of inspiration, I was glad that I discovered Daily Post. When I am stuck, I can always go to that site and get some ideas. Or read other blogs to get some ideas.

I also never expected that in short time have nice number of followers, thank you! Thank downloadyou for taking time to read and response now and then. Really appreciated. Especially my English grammar is not always that great, so thank you!

I also added two posts about books. I love to read and I might talk more about it in the future. One post is about what I read until so far this year and the other one is my read to be pile. I have so many books in my bookcases that I haven’t read. The titles are in Dutch or English, for I read both languages. I might translate the titles that aren’t written by Dutch authors into English. If you really like to, then I will translate them.
At this moment, I try to wrap up a challenge I started this year. Only few more books and then I am done. I do however wonder or I will be able to finish the challenge this year. Time will tell. I will post later about this challenge. I will mention now and then those posts when I have updated. That way I don’t have to rewrite the posts.

I also posts about what helped me. Some people asked me about white book, how to do it. I will come back on this subject. I reread the chapter in a book that was about white book and I realised, I have to extend it. That is something I have to make time for it and extend it.

I also have to say, writing about depression and being introvert helps me to learn more about myself. And just accepting myself, this is who I am and that is okay. Reading the book Eat Pray Love’ also helped me, I really enjoyed reading it.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


8 thoughts on “Looking back on September

  1. English is not my first language, too (I’m Filipino) and that’s also one reason I doubted myself if I can keep up with a blog. I’m not a writer (or at least I don’t consider myself one) but through this blog, I met people who encouraged me to continue to write as well as great comments that tells I am on the right track. Best of all, the connection with other bloggers struggling with the same things as you become sort of therapy, full of warmth and support. Just keep up with your journey. You (or rather, we) are not alone. 🙂

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