Had a lovely weekend

Last Friday a friend came over. We always do in turns. Normally we cook in turn. This time we did it differently. We decided go for a walk in my area. There is an area where there are many small lakes. The reason why we decided to change is that she takes part of geo-caching. There is a special app and gps device for it. With help of gps device, you can find things that are hidden.
We were disappointed that there was only one in that area. When we reached the location, turned out, you have to dive for it. Yeah, apparently not all things are easy to get. No caching but we did had a nice long walk. Then, we had a lovely lunch. It is really a nice restaurant and if you are lucky you can have a great view too, we weren’t that lucky because it was very crowded. We had a great time and talked about everything. We have lot of common things so we can talk for hours. She is a good friend of my sister and I think she is the only one who is befriend with both of us.

Saturday I went to a very good friend of mine. Our first shared common thing is Josh Groban. We learned we had more things in common, like health and our love movies and TV-series. Because of her, I appreciate horror now and enjoy watching it. I do however have my limit; I 738dc711e376a20408c0ed124f19383aam not ready for movies like Freddy Krueger, yet. There is one difference, even though I have so many unread books in my bookcases I still have the guts to say now and then, I have nothing to read. In here case is, I have nothing to watch! Seriously, she has an amazing collection and I totally not envy her (yeah, you right, I do). We had a lunch in a nice restaurant where we always go, run by people with mental disability. The food is as always good. We talked about everything and I value our talks. After that we went shopping. We had fun. Normally I go by train but it is now the second time I go by car because it is faster. Another reason is I hardly use my car. To make sure my battery is not going to die again I have to use it a bit more. It is about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive to her. For Dutch people it is a long distant. Another reason that I like to drive is that I can turn up the music loud and this time I had Bon Jovi on.

Sunday I supposed to go to book market with my dad, but the weather was not great, rain, rain, rain and we also saw on webcam that there were hardly any stalls. Secretly I was glad we didn’t go, because it has been a very busy week and it will be another very busy week.



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