Every year I forget that when the weather is changing and getting colder that my body hurts more. I realised last week why my knees are sorer again, the weather is getting colder again, duh!

Overall, I am very fortunate that I don’t feel throughout the year that I have fibromyalgia. Only in the summer when the humidity is higher and when the weather (fall and winter) is getting colder. Those two are the moments that I realise right I still have fibromyalgia. I never believed I am cured of fibromyalgia, because there is still no cure for it, yet. Like I said, I am one of the lucky one that doesn’t have trouble the whole year around. It used to be different. Somehow, I found a way to deal with it and somehow it became less. I am very grateful for it.

I do know people that are not as lucky as I am. Some are already done after the shower. They can’t do anything anymore for the rest of the day. One thing I do have pay attention to my tendons. When I overdoing it, it is infected. It is not like, I get a warning from my body, stop, you overdoing it. Okay, you have a bit pain but it will be fine if you take some rest. In my case, I do get the warning but somehow my body decided to attack in an aggressive way, let attack Infections! We are going have a blast! She has been stupid and overdid again, party time for us!!! Whoop, whoop!!
There are no proves yet that it is caused by fibromyalgia. But lot of people that have fibromyalgia also very often strugglinwhat-if-today-we-were-just-grateful-for-everythingg with infections. Or they get other things that are
related to fibromyalgia.

However, it might sound strange, but in a way, I am grateful. Because of what happened made me appreciate things more, be grateful for every progress I am making. For all the new things I have learned because of it, new people, new talents. I am not happy that I got an old body even though I am not old, but I have learned to deal with it. Realising that life is not that bad, there are so many great things in small things. I still can do a lot compared to a good friend of mine. I am grateful for my family, my friends, I still have a roof over my head, I still can pay for food.

My life will always be a bumpy ride, but just because of it, I learned to set smaller goals and be happy with all that I can accomplish.


5 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I totally understand your post, and your gratitude. First as studied a lot, I actually understand the processes underneath that, but second, and I must say maybe the most important thing, is that I felt the same way in my life. I’ve been fighting against a demon too. I can say only this: first, you have to be grateful to yourself for being this strong. A lot of people I know fall to despair, or self-loathing. You on the other hand found the greatest way to survive not only fibromyalgia, but everything in life. We live, and society tell us we have to stick to average. Average health, average life, average feelings. But then when you get to the reality of the people, there’s nothing average about it. What you are experimenting is a challenge and you learnt from it, you didn’t give it the chance to bring you down.
    I cheer with you, I stand aside you in your journey. You’re brave and at the same time you can be an inspiration to those who get knoked down by life. Thank you for sharing this moment on your blog, I felt you and I hope your adventure, even if difficult, may be great, in small, but even big things.
    I hope I can be at least virtually in this moment an ally and a person that sees how much your attitude is worth.
    Have an amazinge day!

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