I have mention in a post earlier about 1000 happy moments or happy days.

A friend of mine started and few days later I joined in. Then an other friend challenged me to do it for 1000 days instead of 100 days. I was like, I don’t know, it is a lot! I told him, only if you join in. He said yes and my other friend was going to join me. My best friend who challenged me gave up after few days. Great, challenging me to go for 1000 days and you gave up after a week or so!

I post the pictures on Instagram and today is day 851. Yes, I am almost there! I am proud
that I kept going. Even though, it is sometimes hard not to repeat myself. Then again those things make me happy and were my happy moments.

The reason I started back then was that I felt depression coming up again. My friend that started also struggling with depression, she read about this challenge, and told me about it. It reminds me that I do have great friends, that I do great stuff, fun stuff, remind me what I love to do, what relathe-best-things-in-life-are-not-things-they-are-moments-quote-1x me. Very often people just do things and move on. But if you stop and enjoy that moment and realising, this is a fantastic happy moment.

My happy moments can be reading my a book or a comic book or graphic novel, or watching tv, hanging out with friends, walking in nature, going well at gym, food, family, drawing. Writing this, then I think, I have so many happy moments. Some are everyday moment but it is my happy moment. Sometimes I just find it hard to choose, especially when I was in America for holiday. Then I decided to use collage.

It is a good tool when you feel that there is nothing great in your life and feeling depress. It really makes you aware; there are happy moments every day. Last year when my best friend’s father past away I found it hard in that time to find happy moments. Then just those moments are very important to search for it. On the day that of the funeral service, I ask my mom, let go to the ocean and sit on the beach for a while after the service. Then I realised, that is my happy moment, just looking at the ocean, let go all those feelings for a moment.

Five 5 months left and then I am done. Honestly, I will be glad that I am done. Then I don’t have to think about to take a picture everyday or post every day. I going to make a photo album of all those pictures. When I feel down, I can always grab one album and look through it. Just a friendly reminder to myself, I am not alone, I do have many wonderful small moments and great family and friends.

Seize the day!


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