An other lovely weekend

I had again a lovely weekend.

Last Friday I went to a good friend of mine. We met first online on special chat for people with fibromyalgia about 11-12 years ago. Slowly we found out we had lot of things in common and our conversation could take for ours. We talked a lot about everything. It is no difference now. In the evening we watch a movie, for me second time, ‘the Perks of being a Wallflower’. I ordered now the book from the library. I want to know or the book is as good as the movie or better. Book is very often better then the movie. Saturday her daughter came over. Chatted and after lunch I left to my other friend.

Normally I go by train, but I had loads of books with me, so it was more practical to go by car. I got a bit lost in the village where my friend lives. There are many one way road, so it took me a bit longer then 5-7 minutes. I saw more of the village and it is very nice village.
My friend and I met each other this month 19 years ago in England. We both got the job for the flowers shop and had to share an apartment. It was kind of scary week. It was my first week living in a different country between crazy but sweet British people and she arrived later that week. I kept asking myself, what if she is not nice, a bitch, doesn’t like to read, party-animal… Luckily, none of this happened. We both love to read, go to the movies and had same taste for TV shows. Our apartment was full of movie posters. Last Saturday giphyevening was kind of reliving the old times when we went to the movie. In England, we went almost every Tuesday. It was easy; we only lived few minutes away. We had in turn on Tuesday of. So the one who was of had to cook on time so we would be on time for the movie. Then she was involved with a colleague and they are happily married for many years now. Before I knew it, I was introduce to half his family in the pub. Instead of movies, they invited me to come over to the pub and after that stay for diner. I had a wonderful year there, it always make me smile thinking of that time there.
We don’t live close, it is not easy to say, shall we go to the movie tomorrow? I had a great time and I always enjoy staying at their place. There is always lots of laughter and serious talks. In the afternoon, we walked for 2 hours and were silly giggling girls when we live stream for the first time on Facebook. After diner, made by her husband, we went to see the movie ‘Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children’. We have read the books and the books were very good. The movie was no disappointment, only one odd thing, they switches two girls abilities.
Sunday again long chat and after lunch I went home.


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