Watch few movies

When I got home last Sunday, I decided to watch the whole evening TV.

I started Thursday evening with an animation movie ‘The Art of Happiness’, an Italian production. I wasn’t sure what I had to think of. One thing was for sure, it has its own style. The movie is about two brothers once had a shared dream until one of them chooses his own path. The other brother became a taxi driver. Both are looking for happiness. Did they both found it? Maybe.
In a way I found it a strange movie and yet very intriguing. We all are looking for happiness in our lives, what is happiness? What makes you happy? What are your dreams? A movie that make you think. Sunday I finished watching it. At the end, I thought, it was a good movie.

Second movie was strange one too, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’. Honestly, not really that strange, 0178abab214811cf7151b48e7d7ae2e3but it has a few surrealistic moments.
It is about a young boy and girl, the year is 1965. They both are 12 and decided to run away. The set is in a way strange, it made a bit surrealistic. I enjoyed watching it. There were moments that were funny, strange, and sad.  What I liked about it was that two kids found each other because they both were in a way outcast. They didn’t fit in. They felt comfortable with each other. I enjoyed the movie; it took some time for me to get use to the now and then surrealistic set. It fit perfectly in the movie.

The last movie I watch before I went to bed was ‘Orphan’. That was so good! The movie was great with a twist I didn’t saw coming. I was into the movie right from the start and kept asking what is wrong with her? Why is she doing that? How will the family be free from her? And then the twist came, and I was like, wow!!! Now I just wonder, can you really trust every kid that walks around with his or her so-called innocent face? Of course, you can, I think! Well, is like with Chucky, can you trust every toy? However, Toy Story tells us a different story. Anyway… the movie was really great, my friend was right, it was a good movie.

It was a nice relaxing Sunday evening.


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