Good old days

About a couple of months ago, I watch Grease Live on TV. It was fun the watch. They did a good job. Somehow, I rather watch the original Grease. Honestly, if I had the DVD then I might have deleted Grease Live and watch the original version.
Grease is one of the movies I grew up with and never get enough of it. I even had a cassette tape and played it in my car until it wasn’t have the right speed anymore, it became sloooow. I put it on my wish list to have. It is just I want so much and I rather spend it on books then on music or DVD. Besides, Grease is very often on TV and I record it every time.

Why do some movies or TV-shows stick with me forever, I don’t know, maybe because of the childhood sentiment. I even have a box of ‘Buck Rogers’ and the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’.battlestar-galactica1

I have noticed lately that there are lot of remakes. There was even a sort of remake of ‘Are you being served?’ I never had seen it. BBC want to do more of those remakes or change a bit, like ‘Keeping up Appearance’, you know the one with the famous Hyacinth Bucket (oops, I mean, Bouquet). Now they want to go to Hyacinth younger years, before she married Richard. I am like really, BBC, can’t you think of anything new? I know you want to celebrate your 60th anniversary, but do some rerun instead of remake. They might look a bit old fashion but I just love those shows.

Another TV-show I used to watch was ‘The Little House on the Prairie’. However, the Dutch network keep repeating it that it has become boring, sad but true.

I try to think of a Dutch well-known TV-show that had a remake. Honestly, I can’t think of it right now. There are incredible lots of Dutch TV-shows, but honestly, I don’t watch it. The reason is my hearing got worse over the years that I really need subtitles. Unfortunately, not all Dutch TV-series are subtitled or the subtitles aren’t that accurate. I love the subtitles on BBC, because they are about 90% accurate and in my country about 60%. Even the subtitles on the news aren’t that accurate. It just annoys me because I can hear that they say much more then it is been subtitled. I hear the voices, but I just don’t always hear what they say. They sometimes leave so much out that I just can’t stand it. That is why I hardly watch Dutch TV-shows these days.

I also remembered that I used to watch a Japanese TV-show ‘Oshin’. Sadly, the show never got a rerun. I enjoyed watching that show with my mom and sister. My dad had nothing to say, we allowed him to watch sport on Sunday evening, so we controlled Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, they don’t sell the DVD with English or Dutch subtitles.

The good old days!


5 thoughts on “Good old days

  1. Never heard of the movie Grease
    What is it about ? Anyway nice to interpret the daily prompt in different way… 🙂

    Pls do follow my blog and give me feedback on latest post. So that i can improve and feel motivated 🙂

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  2. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but at school, we have an upcoming musical drama, and chosed to act “Grease” based on “Grease Live!” ❤ I’ve never watch the originals though…

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