Enjoyed my me-time weekend

I enjoyed me-time weekend. It was nice to have no appointment, just do what I wanted to do.

I read a book about Jacoba of Bavaria, in Dutch is Jacoba van Beieren. It is a very interesting book about her life, even though is it a historical novel. She has a turbulent live and married a few times. You can read here more about her. Maybe there is another reason why I like to read about her, she has lived for a few years in my town, even though it has been hundreds of years ago and before the great fire. I feel some kind of connection. The great fire has destroyed almost the whole town; only four or five houses survived the fire. That is why there is hardly any information of my town before 1438. Because of that, they decided to build the city hall far from the houses, just in the middle of the market square.reality-that-annoying-time-when-you-are-not-reading-540x303

After that, I read one of my favourite childhood book, ‘Crusade in jeans’ by Thea Beckman. Thea Beckman is a very well known author in my country. I have many books of her. There is also a movie of ‘Crusade in jeans’, but honestly after few minutes I stopped watching, because it is nothing like how the book started. Honestly, is nothing like the book. So, until now I never seen the movie and have no desire to watch it. As always this book get a hold of me, hard to let it go, just kept saying to myself, one more chapter, just one more. I haven’t finish it yet.

It felt good to read that much again. I mostly only read that much when I am in France.

I also watch 20 episodes of Supernatural season 11. Almost there, only 3 season to go. It was a joy just really plan a weekend and knowing what I will watch the whole weekend. Especially now it get early dark, lit the candles, turn of few lights and watch it. However, I must say I kind of miss the funny episode. They always had one or two funny episodes. There were few funny moments, but not the whole episode. Tonight I will watch the last three episodes and tomorrow the extras. I am looking forward to it.

I enjoyed me-time weekend and not spending time on social media. I just really needed it to recharge myself. I think I might do that every month, a weekend with no social media, just books and TV and walking if it is a nice weather like yesterday. I walked for an hour and it was nice.

Today and tomorrow, I will spend a lot of time on my project for the drawing/painting workshop I attend. I want to do as much as I can before Wednesday, then I have next lesson.



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