White book / notebooks

I restarted with white book again. Somehow, I wasn’t happy about it and after talking with psychologist, I restarted with the self help book ‘negative self-image’. I started with chapter one and then move on to three. Chapter three is about white book. I needed to refresh my memory how to it use correctly. After that, I will go back to chapter two.

I bought a new notebook to help me with that new start. I bought more than one notebook. In a way, I wasn’t happy with my bullet journal. I also bought two smaller notebooks.  One I use for ideas that I have for drawing and what I need to do to follow my dream. The other one is overall; things to do in my apartment, ideas to write for my blog or column for a Dutch online magazine, wish list. The bigger one I use it for white book.
The one I used as bullet journal, I still use it, but more as a planner. Then I also have a journal. Let not forget, special notebook about books. I realise by writing this down I have six different notebooks. How can I make my life more complicated? If something isn’t working for me, then I keep trying until I found what is working for me. I hope this will work for me.

Even though I have a lot different notebooks, somehow it is nice to have it all separate. I use the planner also to write down quickly things that come into my head and transfer later to other notebooimg-20161013-wa0002ks. I also have a very small notebook next to my bed. There are moments that my head is full of everything and it gets chaotic if I don’t write it down
quickly. If I don’t write it down I am awake for the half of the night.

At this moment I write in my white book, what I did and what kind of feeling I had with it, only positive things. Negativity is not allowed.
– Stick to my grocery shopping list          proud/happy
– Walked for an hour                                     relaxing
– Read the whole afternoon                        happy/relaxing

When I wrote it down, sometimes Mrs. Negativity pops up and say… yeah but you also could clean up your bathroom instead of reading the whole afternoon.
Or I do write down that I am proud and happy that I sticked to the shopping list, but I don’t really feel that way. I need time to feel that again. I wasn’t aware of it but I guess I have been negative in my mind and that is the reason why I have been gloomy. I have to be aware again of those feelings/emotions. I also draw in my white book, to enlarge the positivity. You can be as creative as you like with a white book.

There are eight ways to expand your white book if you find it hard to start or to find things to write down.


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