Picture speak for itself


I have no inspiration today to write, so I was googling around to look for inspiration. I found this picture. It reminded me of what I said yesterday to my psychologist, and that was advice about how to use white book. Be happy with accomplishing smaller goals, because all those small steps eventually lead you to bigger goal. I find that hard sometimes, especially if Mrs. Perfectionist is walking around in my brain.

I have to learn to be happy with smaller goals because it helps me to achieve the bigger goal. I have to write down those smaller goals and be happy about it. And also sometimes is hard to make that small step. Especially when Miss. Doubt is coming over for a visit. Really, then I doubt about everything and don’t believe that strongly in it anymore. I have to learn to ignore that negativity and believe in myself that I can do it, even with small steps, but I will get there!


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