Out and about

Last Saturday I went to see a good friend of mine. It was a lovely day. We always have so much to talk. We both have our own struggles but we understand each other because some of our struggles are similar.
She lives in a very nice town. I always enjoy walking around there. I had two things on my list I needed to buy. And I was very happy that I could buy a smaller size jeans. It took me over decade to lose some weight and I still have few more to go but I feel like I am finally on the right track. Even though I still can’t control my snack moments very well but it getting less difficult and in between I eat more balance food. When I was fitting jeans, I was like, wow! Yeah!
After that we went to the bookstore. Normally I try to avoid it, because very often I won’t 80d9a26701afbfc5be1e26aa43d71d07leave the bookstore empty handed. But this bookstore is really nice and the people that works there are so nice. The reason why my friend wanted to go there was because the author of Jabbertje would be there to sign the books. Of course, I had to buy that small book too, because I love Jabbertje too. I got mine signed too. My friend is so happy, because she really loves Jabbertje, she have weekplanner, napkins and a tin for tea with figure Jabbertje on it. It was a lovely day.

Yesterday was a relaxing day for me. After breakfast, I walked for an hour and posted many nature pictures. While I was walking, I realise that I wasn’t living in the moment lately. I was thinking again too much about the future. I decided to make pictures and post it online. It made me be in the moment again. Just enjoying the beauty of the nature and it reminded me why I love to walk. It is not ‘I must walk’, but ‘I want to walk’. Because it relax me, I love nature, brings me back to this moment.
After that I had a very relaxing day, puzzle, tea, book, tea, TV, chocolate and tea.

(text from the picture: walking in the sun, enjoying the nature, what a wealth!)


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