Getting there

Today I had a nice morning with a good friend of mine. She is my big twin sister for we share the same birthday. We use to be colleagues.

While we were talking I realise I still don’t feel all the emotions yet. I do feel less gloomy but on emotional level I still can’t feel everything yet or I feel that emotion for a brief moment. But honestly I don’t worry about that. I am glad I feel already less gloomy. Along the way with help of white book, those emotions/feelings will return.

I do however start feel the emotions again when I talk about it. It wasn’t like that for a while. Now I can recall that feeling/emotions easier and really feel it. I am grateful for it and a white book does help me with it. It doesn’t always work for everyone, like a good friend of mine. She honestly says, it doesn’t work for me because I just can’t sit down and write it. Another friend find it hard to sit down and relive it. Then I realise that I am further with the process. And she had her own way to work on it.emotions

It does work for me and I am happy about that. I also mention yesterday that I feel sometimes I just don’t get things done, not really lot of me-time during the week. I follow on Instagram Growthinkers. They also have a Dutch website about personal grow on many levels. The subject yesterday on Instagram was about how to get things done and yet have time to do personal things, like reading. We have so much things around us,  like social media, cleaning house, socializing, so much distraction, but how do you get things done. That is what I am struggling with. Especially when I am working on my laptop. I do too many things at the same time. Maybe a sign of that my head is still restless or maybe I have so much to do and just don’t know where to start. Is just not enough hours in a day, I don’t even have a job.

It was interesting to read it and they gave some tips. One I might try, but it will be very hard. When you wake up, you give yourself three task for that day. Three things you must accomplish that day. It is very hard because very often I have more than three. So I think about 3-5 task that has to be done that day. All the rest I do as extra is great but I don’t have to do it. . When I have done those tasks then I can sit on the couch and read.
I for sure want to work on that. Also wants to work on the other two tips, email management and social media management. I already have banned Facebook of my phone; it was controlling me too much. I don’t have that problem with Instagram.

I am still learning and growing.



2 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. This happens to me all the time “…not enough hours in a day, I don’t even have a job.” So thank you for sharing your “3 tasks a day” discovery. I’ll give it a shot some day!!

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