Social Media

Social media can be an amazing wonderful tool but also a danger one. I will be the last to say it is very danger because I met few amazing friends and some have became close friends. And it is a nice way to find support when you have a bad day.

But I have notice that it kept me busy if I have a bad day. Especially when I have a restless mind. I have a hard time to focus, so instead of reading or watching movie I be on social media a lot. But that doesn’t always do me any good. When I see how wonderful their lives are, than I think, what a sad life I have. I know I am not being rational at that moment and rationality is hard to find at those moments. We all rather share happy moments instead of how it is for real. We don’t want to be a complainer, we want to be liked and face it, socialpositives messages get very often more comments and likes then the negative ones. But I also have seen how much support there can be by few friends that live all around the world.

I was very active on Twitter then I felt more comfortable on Facebook and used twitter only for my bookblog that I had. When I stopped with that blog, I deleted the account. Then I created other one for my drawings but honestly I really love Instagram so I deleted my Twitteraccount and it feels good. I have two accounts on Instagram one personal and one for drawings. Instagram and Whatsapp are the only two social media I have on my phone. Facebook is great but sometimes I get restless and scrolling through Facebook makes me more restless. I rather look at pictures on Instagram it is more relaxing.

Because of the fact I have no job and have help for getting back to work I registered on Linkedin. Honestly, that is so very not my social media. I really can’t work with it. It makes me even more restless. As soon as the reintegration is over, I might end my account there.

I am however very careful with starting a new social media. It consumes too much time. I rather have a few that I can keep up than loads and only can keep up half of it. And of course I love this social media, blogging. I have blogged for long time, even on Tumblr. But it is also not my cup of tea media. And I have always blogged on WordPress, I just love it.

Unfortunately, some people depending their self-image on likes, comments, views and followers. Of course, it is nice to be notices but to me, it does not define who I am.

Social media can be a great tool as long as it is not controlling you.


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