O my, is November already

Time flies! It is November already!


October has been a lovely and busy month.
First, I want to thank you for following my blog, really appreciate it! I didn’t expect that it will grow that quickly. So thank you!

I wrote a lot about different things the last month.
I have posted few things about books. I wrote about Hebban Reading Challenge, I still read ‘the Doll’ by Proslaw Prus. It is not a book that you get through quickly, but it is very interesting and well written. I have updated the post.
I also added a post about Penguin Engelish Library List. I love booklists and challenges. I already have read a few of that list already. I still have many books to go!

Last month I started to write about movies of TV-series that I love to watch. I even watch about three movies in one day, that is very unique for me. I hardly take time to watch TV in the afternoon. But that afternoon I decided to take it easy after busy weekend. I also had a me-time weekend and watch almost in one weekend whole season 11 of Supernatural. Eventually I needed four evenings to finish it.

I also decided not to blog every weekend, because I like the idea of not having to open my laptop in the weekend. And I forgot how much I enjoyed me me-time weekend that I want to have one every month. Just to recharge completely.

Last month I also restarted with white book. My friend had to laugh, because I can be sarcastic and start a white book in a black notebook. The only different I do with the old ones is, I also draw in it now. Every evening I just make very small drawings, it is for me relaxing. And the postcards that have special meanings I also put in it. Like a good friend of mine send me last week a postcard with a drawing of  Anton Pieck. I love Anton Pieck, so it was sweet of her to send me a card. So I put it in the notebook. Slowly I want to expand it with all the things that make me happy. I have notices last week that there is a slight change now in me. I had difficulty to hold on to happy feeling. Now by reliving it I manage to hold on to that feeling longer.

I do still have long way to go but I feel like I am on the right track now. I still feel very quickly overwhelmed but slowly I find a system that works for me and helps me to keep my head clear.


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