This week theme for Discover Challenge is song. Which song stayed with me?
After some thinking I decided to choose three.

My sister is deaf and my parents are hearing so that is why I grew up mainly with music from the 50th, 60th, 70th or the blues, my parent’s taste of music. My dad loved Louis Armstrong. The one song that always has stayed with me was ‘What a wonderful world’. As a kid, I always have loved that song.

It makes sense that my sister didn’t care for music, after all, she couldn’t hear it. Only maybe few sound but not like all music, instruments or what the lyrics were. She did however love Madonna, maybe because of her attitude. I didn’t care for music until I turned 15 or something. Because at school music wasn’t important for I went to special school for children with hearing problems. I started to watch MTV around that time. There was some longhaired guy singing on a mountain, playing guitar, it was a soundtrack ‘Blaze of Glory’ for the movie ‘Young Guns 2’, . I really loved that song, but I always somehow mixed his name up. Was it, Bon Jon Jovi, or Jovi Jon Bon or… Then the album ‘Keep the Faith’ was release by Bon Jovi. I became huge fan of Bon Jovi, the first time I became huge fan of some group or person. When I wanted to buy all their albums, including Jon Bon Jovi’s solo album. Then I realised, it was Jon Bon Jovi! He was that guy!!! Going to their concert was also my first concert experience.

The last one is ‘Smile’ from Josh Groban. I know that Nat King Cole was the first one that sang this song, but I heard the first time when I bought ‘Collection’ from Josh Groban. I became 6 years ago a big fan of him.  I loved that song, especially because of the lyric. I loved the lyric so much that I made a composition just to remember myself that it will always be all right, that it won’t rain forever, that the sun will shine for me. I might be sad for a moment, but the sun will shine. It will be all right, life isn’t bad.



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