Relaxing weekend

Last Saturday went to see a friend. We meet halfway in Utrecht. It is a beautiful town; I always enjoy walking around there. This time her daughter joined us. I have met her once and now I had the opportunity to talk a bit more with her. She is a smart and creative girl.
We walked around; I had nothing on my list to buy. Well, of course, I would love to buy books and stuff, but my bank account would say no. Now and then, I have to obey my bank account. It was a bit cold but as usual, I enjoyed walking around. I really love to go there. After our walk, we had lunch at our usual spot. It tasted good as usual. We talked about 8f09d55a4ba7aa31a7931eb3bdc3493c.jpgeverything and I enjoyed it.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day. Read a while in my warm bed. It was too cold to get out of my bed. The rest of the day I didn’t do much, puzzle, reading, watching TV. Just a lazy day.
I am glad that the puzzle finally getting to the end. It took me two years. Well, two falls and winters. I don’t puzzle in the summer or spring. I hope I get it finish this fall or winter so I can move on to the next Anton Pieck puzzle.
Finally, I made progress with the book, The Doll by Boleslaw Prus. It is a very think book and is not a book that you just read quickly. I do however enjoy it and I am very curious how it will end.

Anyway, it was a lovely weekend, again.


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