The Shining and The trail of Viviane Amsalem

Last week I have watched the movie The Shining. I think a couple months before I read the book. The book was great, really enjoyed it and had a hard time to put it down.
The movie was great too, but I do agree with Stephen King about the characters. I felt all the attention went to Jack Nicholson. I do admit he played Jack Torrance very well. The only thing is, in the book Jack wasn’t crazy or aggressive from the start. It was slow process. In the book there was an equal attention For all three of them, Jack, Wendy and Danny. All three of them had real personality in the book. But on screen, Wendy seemed a pathetic woman, in the book she is a much stronger woman and Danny played a very small part. It is kind of sad, because he played an important part in the book. The relationship between Danny and Dick Halloran was as I had pictured it. One thing I don’t understand is the end of the movie, it is so different in the book.
I enjoyed it both but the book was better.

Last weekend I watch a great movie. I love to watch movies about other countries and jewfest20cultures. One of the best ways to learn about different cultures. I watch Gett – the trail of Viviane Amsalem, an Israelis-German-France movie. It is about a woman that wants to get divorce but Israel doesn’t know civil divorce and woman can only divorce if the husband agree to it. The whole movie only played in two rooms in some sort of courthouse, mainly in the room where the rabbis listened to both sides and set verdict. But it is strange that they even can’t force the man to divorce when the wife wants to. It was very intriguing to watch and amazing how they manage to keep your attention. Ronit Elkabetz is an amazing actress, who died of cancer, I just read. The movie is a part of The Gett trilogy.


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