Want do too much, messy head

It is again very busy in my head. I feel I lose overview of what I must/want to do. Even though the planner works for me but there are days it works out differently or the list is very long.

I have plans for some time to start my own business. Now the reintegration to work will end this month I feel free to go for it. But I do feel overwhelmed by what I have to do and don’t know where to start. So much to arrange, talk, plans. I have to make a separate list and set up priorities. Like right now, I haven’t done what was on my list yet. My mind is floating around. Want to this, must do that and go on.

The next few days I going to make a list and time schedule so I have a grip on what and how and when to do it. I guess I need that if I want my job done. Luckily, with drawing I imagesdon’t need internet. But I am working on my website and yep, you got it, I need internet! Then this, that, or whatever distract me. That also means I don’t plan well yet and somehow no space for the unexpected things.

It is just too busy in my head. I think after lunch I go sit down with my calendar, planner and to do list and make a good overview and set up priority list. I am glad I get a new calendar with timetable for the year 2017. That will give me better overview on how to divide my times in different things. But till then I have to work it out for now.

I also better stick to the list instead of just do something extra. I have to put that extra on the list too and that way I can see or I have time for it or not. But I also went to my sister that was not on the list, but her present was finally finish and she have a day off today. I wanted to give her that so I can focus on the next project.

One thing I am glad, one thing will end this month. No more pressure from that side and I can go with my own plans without any feeling of guilt.

I know I will get there, is just the new situation need time to become a new habit. Is time to turn of my laptop and have my lunch.


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