No idea how to call this post

I am sorry for lack of post.

I had a busy day yesterday. And I wanted to write one this morning but something took more time of me then I expected. But at least I can take that of my to do list. I fear that I won’t be able do a lot of my to do list today. That means I have to change few plans next week and set up priority list. And stick to it!

Then again like today, turned out that some things take up more time than I expected.  I 'I'm having an energy crisis.'try to feel relax and think, tomorrow is another day, in this case Monday. I try to stay away from the laptop in the weekends and that is why I don’t blog anymore in the weekends. How much I enjoy writing I have notice that I was also doing all the other stuff. And I want to try to have weekends where I can read the whole day or do other stuff.

And suddenly I realise, I also have to prepare for a workshop I attend this Wednesday. O gosh, so much to do! No pressure! Breathe in…. Breathe out… Better have a look on my Monday list and change few things in my planning.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and enjoy the little things!




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