How was my weekend?

Last Saturday a good friend of mine came over. We had a lovely time. We talked about everything, even about the American election, but strange enough not about Josh Groban. It is because of him we became friends. We met each other on a forum about Josh Groban. Shortly after that, we found that we have so much in common and became good friends. I always enjoy chatting with her.

Two days ago I was thinking about to my library membership (not sure how to call it in English). I felt strange and kind of scared about it. Scared in a way, what if I have nothing to read, there was always a library. And strange in a way, I have been a member of library my whole life. My member ship ends on March 1st. So, till then I can use it and I have depositphotos_4403790-library-cartoon-with-childevery intention to use it very well. Until then I will only read books from the library.
After that I going to start with my to be read pile and honestly it will take me more than a year to have it all read. Beside I also can borrow books from my sister, my parents and my friends.
It is not a free choice to end it, it is just a luxury for this moment I can’t afford. Next year it will cost more. I just can’t afford it and it will save me few Euro’s a month. They do have also a three months membership. So if I do feel I would like to be a member for a short period then I can always use that three months membership and read as much as I can from the library. I came home with 9 books and already finished yesterday one book.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “How was my weekend?

  1. Hoewel t voor jou als boekenverslinder 😂😂 geen makkelijke keuze is doe je t wel….top meid en klopt wat je zegt je hebt genoeg andere prive bibliotheken 🙈 Waar je dan nog boeken kunt halen dus je zult je op dat gebied echt niet gaan vervelen ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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