Good morning

Today is a good day, cleaned up my bedroom, bathroom and living room. I also rearranged my bookcases again. Well only just two, and it was quickly done.
I now have put almost all the books I still have to read in a smaller bookcase so my bigger one are free for the books I have read.  I decided to count how many books I still have to read, I was in shock! Almost embarrassed to say it, I still have 162 books to read, books that I have and never read it! And yet I dare to say sometimes, I have nothing to read!! Really!?!

Some books contained more than one title. And no I am not stressed out, yet. It is a good thing I won’t go to the library anymore after march 1st. I read about 80 books per year, which means I need two years to have it all read. Not to mention all the books I borrow cartoon-of-the-day-no-such-thing-as-too-many-booksfrom my family and friends. And of course I still will ask books for Christmas and birthday. Come on… there is still so many on my list I would love to have. I do know there will be two on the way. The latest book of Harry Potter, it will be release this month in Dutch. It is a belated birthday present from my sister. And I saw couple weeks ago that the third part from serie ‘the last guard’ from a Dutch author has been release this month. I really enjoyed the first two books. So I am looking forward to this one. A friend of mine loves those books too. We decided to buy the book for each other as a very, very, very early birthday present. Our birthday is in September, so it is kind of early. It is not the first time we do it that early. But this is extremely early and we have no intention to wait till next year.

Anyway, it was a good morning. Now let see or the afternoon is good too.

I wish you all a lovely day!


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