Learned more on shameful history

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well, so I cancelled appointments and decided not to open my laptop. That’s why I haven’t posted anything yesterday.

I have been reading the whole day. Because of that I was be able to finish another book, Gebleekte ziel (white soul) by Reggie Baay. It was a very intriguing book. It is a part of the Dutch history, we Dutch people know a little of and yet it was an important part of our history.
Of course for us was more important what happened in Europe then far away, but still… It 1001004011852975is like with South Africa, it use to be a part of the Netherlands too. But I never realised that the Dutch was one of the first that started selling black people as slaves. It is black page of our history. I did learn we did that but not that we started with. Then we lost that part of the colony to the English.
Indonesia has been a part of the Netherlands for a very long time, three and half centuries. After World War II they became independent country. They fought hard to become an independent country, costs many lives.

The book I have read is about an Indonesian man that was send to the Netherlands because the Dutch considered him a threat. It a novel that is base on true historical facts. Nyoman Darma was a son of banished noble man. The Dutch eventually came to agreement and that is how Nyoman was send to the Netherlands. His soul has to become white. That reminds me of the stories of Indians in USA or Aboriginals in Australia (extra fact, a Dutch man discovered the country first) and Maoris’ in New Zealand, (extra fact, is named after province Zeeland, the Netherlands).
I didn’t knew that the Dutch were doing that too. It was very interesting and intriguing to read it. Especially what kind of effect it has on him. That he didn’t belong to either world anymore. Because of the colour of his skin he will never accepted and he wasn’t considered too white for his own people.
Even though in the Netherlands, he was more accepted but when he had to go back, because that was in the agreement, he wasn’t accepted by both sides.

I really felt sorry for him that he was used by the Dutch government, that he became kind of lost soul. Where does he belong?

I am glad that I took it from the library; it was very interesting to read it and learn more about an important part of our history. You know, even the shameful historical parts have to come out eventually and we must learn from it! Accept that our ancestors were a part of that. And Indonesia has been a part of the Netherlands for very, very long time. I do hope that the children of these days learn more about those parts of the history then we did.


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