Random stuff

There is so much I want to write and at the same time I feel like, where is my inspiration?

Last week was not an easy week to be honest. I had lot of pain in my neck and had to take painkillers to get through the day. By the end of the week, it was getting better but not mentally. Last week I even kept eating snacks instead of cooking a good meal. I don’t even walk or exercise that much anymore. My mind is wondering of from here to there and back. I even have difficulty to stay focussed with reading and rather play games on my tablet. And I feel stronger than ever that depression is lurking around the corner.

Yesterday I finally had physical therapy and that for sure helped to relieve the pain in my neck. After that, I managed to stay focussed whole day on one subject, googling which health care insurance will be best and not too expensive for me. I had to be firm this year with my money, but I had hoped I get a job and had an expensive but a wonderful holiday. But if I want to go back there or go to Scotland with a good friend then I have to save money. And honestly, that will be very hard with my very low income. But luckily I have messy-room1not a expensive taste. I have to stop with the library and read first my 165 or something unread books, my parents and my sister have loads of books that I want to read. I stopped with going to gym. Simply, I can’t afford it.  I also split up my administration into different things. That way I know how much I have each month for different things, like clothes, books, overall, gas, train and go on.

I have found three possible options for health insurance. Will maybe look for more options but I think I know which one I want. The most important thing for me is that I get a good cover for physical therapy. It felt good yesterday to focus on that one thing but at the same time I felt I haven’t done much and now I am going from one thing to another.

I also have set up a new way of my planner, more in a mindmapping idea. Because when I worked down the l list sometimes I overlooked something and when I have closed my laptop then I think, darn… I haven’t done that! And I can feel stupid about it or very annoyed. Now in a mindmapping style I have laptop as centre word and around it, I write what I want to do on my laptop and try to do no more then 3-5 things.

Anyway, just random stuff from a restless mind.


2 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. Weet hoe moeilijk t is meid en vind dat je t geweldig onder woorden weet te brengen. Je bent goed bezig ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hoop dat je snel weer wat minder down voelt en je je kunt focussen op de dingen die leuk zijn . Love you 😘

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