Focus and doing one thing at a time

It is a hectic time for everyone. And I have notices that my planning isn’t working for this moment. Lot of unexpected stuff comes along and some stuff takes more time then I had calculated.

But few things I can finally take of my list, like looking for a new health insurance.
I wanted to write Christmas Cards last Sunday, but Saturday was a bit busier then I planned. I wanted to do my bedroom. But I thought lets figure out or my new wardrobe is big enough. That way it gives me more peace of mind knowing that. I cleaned up thorough and got three full garbage bags. It is amazing how much junk I had and some I haven’t used it for few years. I didn’t even knew I had still some stuff. So get rid of that! It took more time so I needed Sunday physically rest.hectic

Monday morning I had physically therapy and had to go to dentist. My morning was filled. In the afternoon, I decided to have a last look around for health insurance and arrange it. After that, I started to write Christmas Cards. It felt good to focus on one thing at the time.

With that feeling and thought, I decided to focus on one thing again yesterday. After grocery shopping I decided to set up the Christmas tree and all that and cleaning my living room. It felt good even though I felt my back yesterday. But it felt good to focus just at one thing. Then my water kettle broke, so had to shop for a new one. I mean, with this cold weather, I need Tea, lots of Tea, to keep me warm! So instead of relaxing on the couch or go out for a relaxing walk I went to shop.

Today I want to try it again, focus at one thing at a time. Not wondering around, even though big stuff has been done. Even the small task needs my focus. It gives more peace in my head, not floating around. So far so good.

I have tried a new set up for my planner and white book. Honestly I have notices that the new set up makes me even more nervous and head spin. I do however like the idea to divide some things in groups in my planner. I will combine the old way and the new way. Slowly I will figure out what works for me. It is the same with the white book.

I definitely want to keep working on doing one thing at a time. It really gives me the idea that I do that way much more, then many things at the same time and have the feeling that I haven’t accomplish anything at all. I know it will take time before it becomes it is a habit. I also want to go back to healthier lifestyle. How it is now doesn’t makes me happy.



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