I got all my booklists updated again. I added links to the right posts.

I read so far 77 books, I set my goal for this year 80 books. I still have time to get there. Lately I have some difficulty with focussing for long time.

I have mentioned before because of financial reason I have to end my membership at the library. I still can use it until the end of February. At this moment I only read books from the library even though I have now two books I desperately want to read it NOW! But I stay strong and want to use my last few months my membership very well. They do however have also a three months membership card. I might use that option now and then.

Because of that I put Hebban Reading Challenge on hold. I will finish it next year, only three more to go. Even though I decided to focus only on Goodreads and ended my membership at Hebban. A friend of mine found out that Goodreads also have that kind of challenge. I will start with that one in 2017 and finish of the Hebban challenge.

Couple years ago a friend of mine (my friend isn’t helpful because she knows I like imageschallenges, the same one as pointed out about Goodreads challenge) pointed out about a blog of a woman that read books of the world in one year, wow! That is quite big challenge, reading books of the world. I honestly will not be able to read it in one year, but I like to idea and want to start it. Because I love to read about other cultures, to learn, to grow and become open minded. Of course I realise that I will not be able to read books from all the countries because some are not translated to Dutch or English, but I for sure want to have a go! I will start with it in January. Any tips are welcome. I will not tell myself I have to finish this in couple year or so, because as I mentioned above, I have not the financial possibility to buy loads of books.

In March I going to start reading my own books again and honestly it will take me over two years I think to have it all read. And of course I will borrow books from family and friends. I also want to reread some of the books.

Well, that was my update about books.


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