Hectic days

It has been hectic days!
My sister had a shoulder operation last Thursday. She came home on Friday and her boyfriend took care of her whole weekend. Last Monday I had physical therapy but it was cancelled because he was sick. I was glad about it because it means a bit more me time. My sister told me I don’t have to come till 1 pm, because her boyfriend went later to his work. Yeah, more me time.

At the same time, they are busy here on the roof of my apartment. I did know it was going too happened but what I didn’t know was that they were going to remove my roof windows. It is bloody cold! It wasn’t mentioned in the information letter. All the junk fell on my couch and TV-furnish. Luckily my TV didn’t break. I was not amused!

In the afternoon, I went to my sis to help her with things. Then I went home to close the backdoor. I was so overwhelmed by all that dust and filth that has fell down when they removed the windows. It was hard to ignore it and not start cleaning. I grab few things and left. I spend a night at my sis place, because the night before she really got sick that my boyfriend had to take her to the hospital. She got so sick of the medicine; she got a different one now.

Tuesday morning was a busy morning after crappy night, helping my sister. After lunch, I c266b4700cfcb58e039bfbf5781bd485went home and cleaning my living room. I turned up the central heating because it was cold. Finally I sat down on the couch were they going to remove the window again!!! I had it. I really had it, called my parents and went to their place. One of my dad favourite hobby is writing sarcastic complain letters. He wrote a very good one and I was proud to sign it. After cup of tea my mom went with me to help me to clean it again! I was tired, my back was hurting, and my hands were hurting. So sweet of her to help me, because she was going to help my sis on Wednesday. Finally, I could sit down for two hours before I had to go to my sis again.

Yesterday my mom and I cleaned my sis bed and after that, I went to psychologist. It was a good talk; I really had it and was so tired that I had shed some tears. In the afternoon, I went to the mall to spoil myself. Sadly, I also bought unhealthy snacks. I have gained weight again… After Christmas, I am going to start eating healthier again! In the evening went to my sis again.

Today is the first ‘normal’ day. I hope they won’t remove the windows. I don’t turn up the central heating because is such a waste of money if they going to remove the windows again. My hands aren’t happy about the cold, well my whole body isn’t. I have more pain; fibromyalgia is knocking at the door at this moment.

But at least I have me time and time to catch up of my planner / to do list.


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