Last Friday I got sick. A cold, soar throat, coughing. My sister was sick last week, now my mom and me. For my sister’s boyfriend was with her last weekend, I didn’t have to go to her.

Saturday I have been busy in the morning, to do things I had planned last week. And from Saturday afternooab059bf3bf75ebb2db5e17d431dba361.jpgn till Sunday night I didn’t do much. It felt good to give in for a moment and telling myself, it is okay, you are not feeling well. Because I felt some kind of guilt that I didn’t do much besides cleaning my bedroom. I still have to do the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room and toilet. And because last week was very hectic because I had to help my sister and all that, read my last post, I wasn’t be able to do anything in my flat. The bathroom I can do it next week. But the kitchen and all the rest I want it be done this week, because Friday we celebrate early Christmas Eve here. I do hope by then that the windows are placed correctly then. So I won’t feel here and there some draft.

They are working on the roof again and some smoke came into my living room, while I was writing this. That means that the whole weekend I had draft in my living room. I am totally not amused by all this. It stinks!

But I was be able to read a lot, finished a book and continue with ‘Shirley’ from Charlotte Brontë. And watch like 14 episodes of season three from the serie ‘Once upon a time’. I have seen two seasons on tv, but I have waited very long for season three. But eventually my sister got me convinced and I got Netflix. And now I can watch season 3, 4 and 5! And many more other series and movies!!

And my Christmas weekend will be looking like that again and I so looking forward to it! We have Christmas dinner on the second
Christmas day (boxing day) at my parents place. I only have to assist my sister Sunday morning.

One thing, I feel a bit more rest in my head again. It is still restless but not in an overwhelming way for now. Some things I won’t do it until after Christmas or will start with it in new year. Now, I just focus first on Christmas. All the others will come after that. One thing I am looking forward to is, continuing with drawing for my mom. She will be 70 in January, that is why I am drawing something for her.


6 thoughts on “*coughcough*

  1. Lieve jij…..beterschap en ik ben blij te lezen dat het wat rustiger in je hoofd is 👍🏼☺️, doe maar wat rustig meid, als je je niet fit voelt dan hoef je niet alles goed te doen ( zegt de expert hahahaha)
    Ik wens je hele fijne kerstdagen en geniet ervan
    Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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