Smaller wardrobe helps minimalise

I wrote earlier about that I have a new wardrobe. I am happy about it; it is a very cheap one and is not big. I am happy about that because that way I won’t be able to collect much junk again. I mean I was be able to get rid of three garbage bag! I am still not sure or this one is a temporary or not. At this moment I like it, it looks small, simple but big enough for me. But I still have the old one, I can’t break it apart on my own without hurting myself. In January, my dad will help me to break it apart. Then I can reorganise my bedroom. Base on how it then might look, I might say, yeah I like it or I going to save money for a bit more expensive one but not big. I really like the size of this wardrobe size. First, I will save for new carpet in my bedroom.

Another I like it is that I have more space for bookcases in the future. Yeah, the only thing I don’t minimalise is on books.

Through the years, I have cleared out a lot of stuff. And getting less stuff back. The bookcases in my workroom are less big then when I moved here. And now I have a smaller wardrobe in my bedroom. I don’t even have a closet in my bathroom. The towels are in my bedroom too.

Less space to store stuff and that feels good and relaxing. Do I want go totally minimalism to less than 100 items? Nuh… I mean I have way too many books. But I do want less on some things. And when I shop I think more often, do I need it? No, then I don’t buy it. When I have doubts, then I don’t buy it. I do ask if they still have it in their collection next month. Then I think a month about it or not. If I forgot about it, then it was a no. Is it a yes then I think, will I use it, yes or no. It really helps, well, like 70%. I am still learning!

I bought something that is typical Dutch apparently. If I use translation online it called ‘tear-off calendar’. It is a block calendar, each day has a text and you tear of the paper when the day is over. Hard to explain, I guess. But anyway, I bought one, ‘a cleared life’. There are tips in it on how I can clear my head, my house and my life. I look forward to use the calendar.


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