Wandering mind

I wrote on a memo for myself that I have to focus at one thing at a time. Somehow, I really have a hard time with it. There are moments that goes very well but mostly my minds wander around or I think, well my laptop is open so let’s do this or that or yeah let’s do that too.

If I wanted get things done then I have to do what the memo said. It really works quicker than do a bit of this or that. And yet I can’t manage that this system becomes a habit. Again, I expect too much of myself and get it all done right at once. Gosh… I can be such a perfectionist. At least I try and I wrote it down to remember myself of it. I have written that on three memos because I have a long working space. In the middle section of my working space I also have written memos about positive things, like ‘I am good enough’ or ‘I don’t have to but want to’. They are reminder for me in positive way. When I sit there and read it, it makes me feel good. It is kind of like, standing in front of the mirror and saying those things to myself.download.png

Today is not the day that I can manage to stay focus and do one thing at a time. I try to be nice for myself and it is okay. Right now, I try to stay focus and write this blog so I can move on to the next subject… wrapping Christmas presents. Suddenly I realise. I also wanted to work on my website for drawing, especially the English version, www.pliengraphicart.com. Maybe I should to that first… Well after, I finish this of course.

I also keep thinking, I have I everything for early Christmas Eve? Last night I was keep thinking, do I have enough chocolate? Yes of course! Don’t buy too much, however I wouldn’t mind have too much chocolate but nuh. Another thought that keep going through my head is, I don’t do my exercise. I haven’t done for almost two weeks. I shouldn’t be harsh on myself about that because last week I had to take of my sister in the evening and I have the cold for a week now. Clearly, I really have to take good care of myself and get well before I can exercise again. Because I know from experiences that the cold will stay longer if I don’t take some rest.

As you can see, my mind is wandering around and suddenly I have a subject for tomorrow’s blog… Maybe I should write it now, and then I have more time tomorrow for other stuff.

Hush my wandering mind.



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